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Thailand’s Best – Day 3

Thailands best goes climbing!!!

This morning we woke up to a little rain but that didn’t dampen our spirits. After a big group breakfast we split into two vans. Jolie, Liv, Amelia, Skylar and Zoe made friendship bracelets while Kelly, Marco, Dylan, Anna, Remi and Sophia jammed out to some tunes on the way to our climbing site.

Arriving at Crazy Horse buttress, the whole gang came together to learn about the gear and our amazing activities for the day. The two groups split up to tackle rock climbing and rappelling. A quick hike into a beautiful cave and we were ready to rock! Liv showed some serious skills and Amelia pushed herself to overcome a fear of heights. Sophia and Marco kicked butt on the rappel. We were all so impressed by the resilience—our word of the day.

While the first group was climbing, the second gang rappelled down over 45meters into the same cave! It was so incredible to come together and share our victories. Lunch was a delicious fried rice, chicken and omelet buffet. Anna tried to spice up the rice with Thai chiles and hot sauce but it took a while to get it spicy enough for her tastes. Dylan, Remi and Cody shared some favorite tunes while Skylar and Marco psyched themselves up for the second round of rock. After our picnic we swapped activities so everyone got to try both.

Huge thanks to Pum and M and the whole CMRCA team for taking such good care of our group and helping us challenge ourselves. 

After a much quieter van ride back to the resort we all took much needed showers and a little rest before getting ready for dinner. Pad Thai was on the menu and although it had a little kick, everyone dug in after working so hard on the rock. 

After pushing it up the walls and down the rappel our evening meeting brought the whole gang together to answer the question ‘what challenge do you want to overcome in the next few years’ It was awesome to share our collective goals and brainstorm the baby steps to reach them.

It was such a special day and one that we won’t soon forget.


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