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Thailand’s Best – Day 16

This morning we woke up in our home stays in MotNoi village and gathered at the community center for breakfast with the rest of the Bold Earth crew. We enjoyed a traditional homemade breakfast, including grilled sticky rice in a banana leaf, pastries, which made Marco very happy, and all of our tummies very full! Then we took a walk through town to get to the dock where we loaded up some long boats to venture to a secret Island! We loved our surprise morning beach day! Jolie and Kelly collected seashells to spell out Bold Earth in the sand, while others explored the island and swam in the ocean.

After we had our fun in the sun, we got back on the long boats to head to the village for lunch. We had a delicious meal, and Anna was particularly excited for, you guessed it MANGO sticky rice! After lunch, we had some time to chill which Amelia utilized to work on her friendship bracelets as she is determined to make one for everyone! We love you Nana!

Once we all reconvened we once again boarded the signature longboats to go plant mangrove trees, and seagrass, which serve as a crab nursery as a way to get back to this welcoming community! We truly entered crab mania, and everyone had so much fun exploring and checking out all the little sea creatures. Dylan found a softshell crab she was very proud of. Liv came across a huge hermit crab that she named Edward and Skylar discovered a moving Sand-dollar!

Once our work was done, we headed back to the village for a nice refreshing shower, and got ready for dinner! Our his families dressed everyone up in traditional Thai Muslim clothes, which was so fun and cool to learn about. At dinner we all loved seeing each other‘s outfits as Cody and Maia demonstrated their model walk for us. We had a pre-dinner dance party, where we finally got to see a begrudgingly dancing Zoe ! Sophia was so excited to see her dinner options ranging from fried dumplings to fresh fish and french fries! While eating, we noticed the breathtaking pink skies, and all flocked to the beach to catch the sunset! One of the best sunsets of our life, hands down.

As others changed back into their clothes Remi remained traditional because he loved it so much! We closed the day off with the classic evening meeting and had an early night to pack and prepare for travel day. Tomorrow is our last day together and while we’re excited to see our families, we won’t forget this incredible bonding experience.

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