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Thailand’s Best – Day 15

Waking up to a late morning on our last day in the resort and spa we enjoyed our buffet style breakfast and some chill time in the rooms as well as some great pool time. After saying goodbye to the island and resort, we took a long boat back to the vans and Dylan was very pleased with the air-conditioned car ride for the next hour and a half.

At noon we stopped for lunch and again Marco is in desperate need for some fried chicken scored some KFC. The others found a delicious snack shop and got seaweed, salmon rolls, sandwiches, noodles, rice balls, and Pocky! We drove another one hour while Dylan and Skylar and Marco continuously sang songs in the van while Sophia and Amelia were in deep sleep mode. Soon after, we would be arriving at our second home stay in MatNoi Village.

During the afternoon, we were welcomed to the south Thailand host families and we spent some time getting to know the lively community and relaxing in our new homes for a few days. Jolie was determined to learn more Thai words, and communicate with her Host mom. We were so proud that she picked up so many phrases. Sophia and Liv went on a beach walk and were stopped by a group of young kids who wanted to meet them. They played hide and seek and also danced with them! Both said it was their highlight of the week. When dinner came, we had local specialties of crab, fish vegetables, rice, noodles, and more mango! The entire time Anna and Zoe were staring at the mango that was supposed to be eaten at the end For dessert. Remy took charge and explained to Dylan and Sophia how to eat and open a crab!

Since the majority of us were exhausted from the travel day, we had an early evening meeting on the beach, enjoying the breeze and ending our nights with bucket style showers bracelet making and early sleep for tomorrow’s brand new day.

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