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Thailand’s Best – Day 14

This morning as we made our way out of bed to get ready for the action packed day we were greeted by the bubbly energy of Jolie and Marco as they woke us all up with their cheery ‘good mornings!’ While savoring or wide selection of breakfast food at our lovely hotel Zoe was thrilled to see a group of monkeys suddenly appeared in the hotel, jumping from tree to tree. Meanwhile, Liv began the day by reading the groups tarot cards, anticipating what we all had in store for us all.

We took a short walk to a local climbing company, who helped us load up our gear and led us through the jungle onto the beach where we reached our climbing destination. We looked up ant all the giant rock formations towering above us, excited to climb. Kelly impressed us all with her determination and Dylan wowed us by completing all four climbing routes! After climbing, we had a yummy lunch of noodles that Sophia was particularly fond of as we sat in the sand on the beach, admiring the beautiful ocean view. Shortly after, we hiked up to a cave which Remi was very excited about to traverse through before rappelling down to the other side. Amelia was thrilled to see the view of the beach below from the top of the cave before making her descent.

Once we all made it down, we stopped to take in the ocean air before dashing back to the hotel pool to cool off and get ready for dinner. Skyler serenaded us with their Justin Bieber impression.

We walked to get another delicious dinner where Anna swiftly used her mental math ability to pool money for 12 course meal. After dinner we picked up our laundry and showed up to evening meeting the best we smelled all trip. We said our goodbyes, and headed to bed early waiting to see what tomorrow brings.

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