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Thailand’s Best – Day 13

We woke up in our cool rooms this morning, buried in our fluffy and cozy sheets. Down at breakfast we enjoyed a 17 course buffet of a variety of things! Marco craved something fried and his breakfast plate included a mountain full of fried chicken and a green tea frappacino. Everyone else ate up the fruit, toast, pancakes, sausages, eggs and more. We then headed to the beach to catch our boat out for an adventure filled day! Sophia enjoyed a comfy sleep and the others took her lead and tried to nap on the long ride out to the islands. After dropping off our stuff on the beach we all jumped in to the shimmering waters of the Indian Ocean.

We relaxed in the sun where Kelly and Sophia worked on their tans. Liv, Marco, Jolie and Maia went out snorkeling in the swim zone and they all enjoyed the warm water and checking out the animals below. Remi, or as he’s been lovingly named, the Gremlin, used his fancy camera and underwater bag to get some great photos of the many fish. We moved onto the next island for lunch where it was serene quiet, and peaceful. Here we enjoyed a lunch of rice, chicken, and veggies. After a little break we got the snorkeling gear back out and a big group went out into the water again to spy the different creatures. Anna, Skylar, Dylan and Amelia stayed out of the water this time to enjoy some quiet reading time, jokes, card games and friendship bracelet making.

On to our third island we were able to walk in the shallow waters of a giant cove full of starfish, little silver fish and mangroves. Finally we hit our 4th and last stop of the day, Hong Island, where everyone loved the clear sky blue waters. Anna Kelly and Sophia enjoyed a big swing while talking about their day.

On the long ride back we were served fresh watermelon, chips, nuts and some mangos. During Sophia’s second nap, Zoe, Skylar, Kelly, and Anna had an intense round of concentration and rock-paper-scissors, while Cody enjoyed the view by taking photos of everyone smiling and having fun on the ride back. At the hotel we enjoyed some chill time and much needed showers before jumping in the beautiful pool. At dinner we got to try more pad Thai, chicken rice, yellow noodles, mango smoothies and soda. On the way back to our hotel Cody surprised everyone with a dessert pit stop for lava cake and I e cream where we had a giant dance party with a live band! Somehow we had the energy to let go and laugh our faces off. For our evening meeting we met in the pool for an evening swim and reflection session. We can’t wait for what tomorrow has in store.

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