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Thailand’s Best – Day 12

After an amazing day of traveling to Khao Sok we woke up literally floating on water. Liv, Jolie, and Maia stated the day with an early bird kayak trip and Liv showed them how to do a handstand on the kayak! As we all slowly got up and went to breakfast we enjoyed sausage, pineapple, pancakes, toast, fried rice, and watermelon. What a feast! Since we had a couple hours left before leaving this National park we made sure to use what time we had and enjoy it to the fullest. Kelly, Cody, and Maia jumped in the lake and enjoyed a nice swim full of laughter. Sophia, Dylan, Marco, Anna and Zoe played a serious and intense vers game with Zoe winning the final round!

We all packed our bags and boarded another long boat to head back to shore. Liv and Sophia were sleepy on the ride back so they took naps. Back on the shore Cody treated everyone to popsicles and fresh mango before our long car ride to the next stop. We listened to music, slept a lot and took a few breaks to get snacks and treats. For lunch we stopped at a local restaurant and had omelets, rice, chicken stir fry, sprouts and spicy curry soup. It was so good we got seconds! Amelia was very focused on her novella and Remi, Dylan and Anna were so curious about what happens next. Back in the vans for a little bit but we broke it up with green tea and mochi which Skylar and Marco loved. On the ride Remi was trying to explain to Amelia that the food they thought was sushi was actually a sweet dessert. When the vans arrived at the pier we knew we were in for something special and the next long boat ride did not disappoint.

Our minds were blown as we took another long boat to a private dock at the Princess Railay resort where our bags were carried into a beautiful lobby and we were served purple butterfly pea flower juice! It was gorgeous! Krabi Thailand offered us some magical rooms and a beautiful pool we all immediately jumped into. When dinner approached we saw many touristy markets but Pi Pum took us to a family owned Thai restaurant where we had a buffet of chicken, fish, veggies, curry, crunchy chips and delicious sauce with a dessert of fresh fruit. Although our day was long and quickly came to an end we thanked everyone for this fantastic experience and enjoyed dozing off in our big comfy beds.

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