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Thailand’s Best – Day 11

After a long and eventful weekend, we got to sleep in later and enjoyed a nice, clean shower and comforting and cozy sleep. We experienced the traditional Thai breakfast and tea, including dim sum, and bao buns with the crab fried rice. Liv and Jolie enjoyed their flavorful Bao and fried rice.

After that, we explored the local food in fish markets and discovered where our food came from. Kelly and Sophia were excited to try the delicious refreshing mango and soon we started an adventurous car ride down south. For a break we stopped for snacks and Zoe, Skyler, Marco and Dylan enjoyed sweet Thai milk tea and mochi. Along to our exciting destination we approached a huge view of beautiful scenery and took many photos. It was a good break to get out of the car, and Remi used his high tech camera to Photo Booth us all.

After our photo shoot a huge rain storm poured down! However, we still needed to get to our final destination. We covered ourselves with our rain jackets and our backpacks with trash bags and quickly boarded the two long boats that would take us to our mesmerizing, floating huts! we all got drenched in the rain along the way, but luckily Amelia checked in on us all to make sure that we were Ok. Dylan conducted and sung her own music concert in the rain! When we arrived, we were all in complete awe and excitement and full of joy.

The floating huts were surrounded by a shimmering and turquoise colored lake and huge mountains and hills. Marco could not keep his mouth closed, and was smiling so much! After dropping off the bags, we enjoyed a family style lunch of rice, chicken vegetables, eggplant, curry and watermelon with pineapple. Then we quickly quickly put our swimsuits on and jumped in the warm and amazing waters.

During the 2-3 hours we all went in the water, we made friendship bracelets with Liv and Amelia, played spot it with Maia, and took many group photos with the fantastic view behind us. At night we enjoyed another big dinner, and those fried sweet potato sticks and onion rings with a sweet and savory sauce really hit the spot to the end of our day. We feel so lucky to be in such an amazing place we won’t soon forget.

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