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Thailand’s Best – Day 9

We woke up in the morning in the village of Huai Hin Lad Nai to the sound of roosters, monks, singing and motorbikes rumbling. We had a traditional and authentic Thai breakfast with rice, sweet rolls, veggie soup, and a delicious fried egg.

Our host families were very welcoming and we appreciate everything that they have done for us. At 9 AM we had a nature walk throughout the village and explored the different rice fields and fruit trees. On the way back to the meeting point, Sophia and Kelly were lagging behind with Pi Pum and Pi M and enjoyed a great conversation about the trip. As the heat melted us apart, we enjoyed a delicious lunch of bamboo stirfry, egg, rice, cucumbers in pumpkin soup. As we were about to begin the next activity the huge rainfall poured down and the twins, Skyler and Anna, and Cody jumped in the rain and let it pour down onto them.

When the sun reappeared we spent the next hour using Liv’s string to make friendship bracelets exchanging gifts with each other. Since Marco was more interested in the games, he, Remi, Zoe, Dillon and Anna played a hard-core game of Spot-It on the porch, resulting in our counselor Maia winning drastically. Soon after, we had a bamboo weaving activity and Cody and Maia were very concentrated in making beautiful baskets. We also learned about color dying with Indian Gooseberry tree bark and turmeric! After this a small group of us, including Amelia, Sophia and Julie hung around and crafted some more bamboo baskets. Towards the evening we bonded and had dinner with our families, munching on a lot of mango.

Finally, we enjoyed a local market from the village to purchase some Thai honey, homemade soap and some unique and special clothing. We had our usual group meeting tonight led by our cat-loving leader Remi and ended our night with some laughter, giggles, smiles and hugs.

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