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Thailand’s Best – Day 10

Today we woke up with our host families for the last time. After a delicious breakfast we took our packed bags and loaded up the vans. Saying goodbye to the village of Huai Hin Lad Nai was hard, and we will miss them a lot. On the car ride, Sophia continued to show off her ability to sleep anywhere while everyone else listened to music made friendship bracelets or stared out the window.

We stopped at a plaza to use the restroom halfway through the car ride, where Marco and Kelly continued to feed their Thai tea addictions. Amelia, Dylan, and Remi got onigiri that they all reviewed in the van. Skylar and Anna both bought two green teas each! We drove to our lunch spot where we sampled some amazing food trucks, but Liv and Jolie decided to buy and share a pizza instead.

It was really hot but then we beat the heat by heading uphill to one of the largest and most beautiful temples in Chiang Mai. Afterwards we went to the airport and had a quick dinner. Zoe tried Burger King chicken nuggets and decided that they were disgusting. Once we passed security, we hopped on a speedy 2-hour flight to Surat Thani.

When we arrived, Amelia gathered the bags for us before we found our Batman themed space vans. We drove to our hotel where we were all thankful for big beds and hot showers! Everyone fell asleep while blasting the AC and preparing for another great day.

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