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Thailand’s Best – Day 1

And we’re off!! Today Maia and Cody officially welcomed our group into Thailand! We started off the morning by meeting our new friends at Chiang Mai airport. Anna and Skyler were our first arrivals and helped us welcome the rest of the gang over the next few hours. Once Remi, Sophia, Marco, Kelly, Dylan and Zoe were scooped up and our parents all called we headed to our lodging to change before a wonderful intro hike up to the temple of Wat Pha Lat overlooking the city. 

Once we made it to the top of the hike we were struck by the beauty and sanctity of the temple. We were lucky enough to be able to meet a monk who led us in an introductory meditation and have a question and answer session. He had been training to be a monk since the age of 11! Then, he blessed each of us and tied a bracelet around our wrists. What a beautiful and powerful way to start the trip!

After the hike we rode back to the lodge, ate a delicious dinner from a small noodle place across the street, and settled in for the night.  Most of the gang was pretty sleepy so they hit the hay while Cody and M (one of our amazing Thai guides) headed back to the airport to welcome our final 3. We are so excited to welcome Liv, Jolie and Amelia into the group tomorrow morning with special bracelets from our monk friend and finally be a complete team! What a jam packed first day! Spirits are high and everyone is excited for what our first full day might hold in store!

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