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Thailands Best – Day 2

It was our first official day as a full group in Chiang Mai! Late last night Cody and M welcomed our final three! We’re so excited to have you here Amelia, Liv and Jolie. The kids woke up early to have breakfast at the lodge and we were on our way! We did an amazing race style adventure through the old city, seeing 700 year old gates and buying local fruit along the way. Anna and Sophia were huge fans of the mango sticky rice we bought in our first local Thai market.

To beat the heat, we escaped to a delicious lunch spot where we ate Chicken Satay. After a little break in the much needed air conditioning, we headed over to CRMCA’s climbing gym and rescue park. In the back of the property, we took a traditional Thai cooking class, the highlight of many of our day.

We made grilled fish over an open fire (Skylar and Remi cleaned it, Dylan stuffed it with lemon grass kept a watchful eye while it cooked), Thai omelets in banana leaf boats (Amelia was our boat making connoisseur), rice in bamboo logs, and a spiced chicken dish which everyone else had a piece in making! It was incredible to watch everyone work together to make something truly special and delicious.

We also got an opportunity to do some climbing at the gym and play some games! Marco, Dylan, Kelly and Liv tried their hand at the high wall while Jolie played tag with a few local kiddos. Zoe and Skylar explored the playground and tried out some new hairdos with beautiful flowers.

We’re looking forward to stretching our climbing muscles again tomorrow as we head towards Crazy Horse Buttress for a full day of climbing and caving!

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