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Kili 1: Day 3: Slippery waterfall hike and coffee tour

Good evening parents,

This morning we got up around 8:30 and collectively met in the dining room for some fresh eggs and pancakes. After being luggage-less for the last two days, Asher and Leo got their bags! Genes and his two boys (5 and 12) showed up while everyone got ready for the day. Bunny bunny (game) was played while luggage was being sorted which was followed by Sydnee and Jadyn facing off for first place through a vegetable off, in which Sydnee emerged victorious. Everyone hopped on the bus and was in for a ride while Muhammad (our bus driver) maneuvered his way to the waterfall. We drove through the outskirts of Moshi then to higher ground with beautiful views. Muhammad got us there safely and we eagerly started our descent to the waterfall. Our hike got slippier and slippier the further we went. There were a few minor slips, but everyone came out safe and unhurt. We arrived at the waterfall then Kellan, Bella, Jadyn, Cory, Leo, Asher, Bruno, Lily, and Ally hopped in the near-freezing water. Prior to the dip and breathtaking views, we started our hike back to our coffee experience at a nearby village. We were first showed the different steps of creating an organic, African coffee bean. They then took us through the process of peeling, washing, soaking, crushing, roasting and boiling berries into the drink we all like, coffee. We sang and danced with the natives as we then wrapped up with imaginary hide and seek as Asher, Alex, Leo, Bell, Kellan, Bruno and Jadyn were guessing as Miles was hiding in the lochness. After the drive through the markets, we arrived at the hotel and relaxed for dinner and meeting.

Asher Siegel

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