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Service Day with Emily and John

Hey everyone, it’s Lydia! Today I’m writing the blog. This morning was started off with a cute little dance party, featuring; Maddie, Kelvyn, Sam, and I. We had a quick breakfast of strawberries and cinnamon buns, then hopped in the van for a field trip to Emily and Jon’s house. Emily and Jon own the ranch where we are camping and taught us all about sustainable farming practices and life for a family in Hawaii. We all got to play games, pet animals and connect while at their house, and John let us try a white pineapple he had been growing for over a year! Robert played a super intense ping pong game and Ian played chess. Maddie, Cayla, and I played the single worst game of pool ever witnessed. Elle, Mel, and Juliet relaxed with the dogs. Afterwards we headed to the beach for a service project; we cleaned up trash around the beach and parking lot area. All of that hard work earned us a delicious grilled cheese lunch made by Hannah, Cayla, and Elle. Next, we headed to the laundromat! Rory, and Daniel kept me entertained with the bracelet making while waiting for our clothes to wash and dry. Yay clean clothes! We got back to camp and got to take showers as we waited for dinner to be made. It was chicken and cheese quesadillas and they were delicious. Goodnight!

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