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Bold Earth Adventures

Welcome to Portlandia!

The day started bright and early for us as we migrated from all of our time zones to the Portland International Airport. Dana met us first at our baggage claim bunker, where we proceeded to chat about maple bacon pancakes and play cards! Soon (ish) thereafter, Ember, Matreiya, Allie, Bryan, Gio, and Lee rolled in and we all quickly got into an emotional game of Uno which Casey ended up winning. Brendan popped on in and chatted with us about his favorite things to do in Manhattan, while Alex and Jacob quickly found some food to satiate their flight induced appetites. After everyone else arrived at the airport we scurried out to a nearby park to have lunch and go over the rules and expectations of Bold Earth. Brett was given a hero’s applause after setting the table with a full spread of sandwiches and snacks. After the park we made our way to our first campsite on the great Oregon coast! Victor spoke on his love for the New England Patriots, and Sofie attempted to contort her tongue in wild configurations. Shortly after arriving at camp we set up our tents and got dinner started, chicken burritos! Suela joined us after a long day of travel and we welcome her with open but sleepy arms. After evening meeting we plopped off to bed so we could be well rested for our first day of surfing tomorrow, the gang’s all stoked! Talk to ya soon and thanks for listening!

Bold Earth Coast to Cascades!

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