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We are of the Spiderverse!! 7/28

Howdy everyone, I’m Matreiya, the group’s leader for today.
We woke up very early this morning, at 5:45, because we were going rock climbing and needed to beat the worst of the heat. It was very cold in the morning and everyone had on multiple layers to try and stay warm. Gio, Vic, Allie, and Suela are the cook crew for today. They very efficiently made us breakfast and after we made our packed lunches. They were sandwiches of our choice on some deli bread. All of us piled into the van for the drive to Smith Rock, where we met our guides: Patrick, Fred, Naomi, and Ann. They got us suited up in harnesses, helmets, and climbing shoes. We got our safety brief from the guides and got into four groups. At the time they had three ropes to climb on and so Dana, Gio, and I played cards with Marissa while we waited for a fourth rope to climb on. Brendon, Lee, and Bryan started on the most advanced rope and immediately crushed it. On the middle rope, Alex, Vic, and Jacob started on the medium one, and Ember, Allie, Suela, and Sofie were on the mild rope. After a bit, Patrick and Fred put up the fourth rope and the rest of us were able to climb. We climbed and switched which ropes we were on in the ensuing hours. Once lunchtime rolled around we packed up and walked to a giant Ponderosa Pine tree where we ate under it. Then we left for a different climbing spot that was a speck more advanced. This spot had three ropes, a medium, a difficult, and an advanced one. Lee, Brian, Allie, Brendon, Ember (and according to Brian me) climbed the ropes like very speedy spiders. Everyone had a really great time either watching or climbing. Time flew by and several hours later we were packing up and driving away. Once we got back to the camp everyone took turns taking nice showers and a couple of us had to wait in a line to take one. At our evening meeting I chose Lee as the next leader of the day, and Casey, Brett, and Marissa started the hat ceremony where 3 folks were awarded their hats.

-Matreiya 🙂

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