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7/25: A Full Day of Rafting Wickedness

Hey, it’s Dana! I can’t wait to tell you all about our day today. We started today by packing up camp and a delicious breakfast of pancakes, bacon, and hot chocolate. We were able to pack up camp pretty quickly due to everyone being super efficient and helpful. Victor and I helped the guides pump up the boats while the others put away gear and searched for trash. Before getting on the river we made sure to drink lots of water and slather ourselves in sunscreen. Suela invented and took on the role of hydration queen to help make sure everyone was staying hydrated. Once we were on the water we enjoyed some jokes, riddles, and games. A little ways into our journey down the river we stopped at a ten foot tall rock and each took a few turns jumping into the refreshing water below. Matreiya was even able to capture some awesome videos of some of us jumping. After that fun break we headed back out on the water and soon arrived at White Horse Rapids, a class four rapids that we scouted before taking it on ourselves and getting absolutely drenched. Later on we stopped at a cool water pump where we refilled all our waters and played a hydration game. Shortly after our hydration break we stopped for a nice lunch on a rocky beach. Many of us were determined to throw and land rocks on top of a cliff side and some of us accomplished this goal. Lee even set his sights on a small hole in the cliff to create an even tougher target after accomplishing landing a few. Another activity many of us enjoyed during our lunch break was skipping stones. Some were pros at rock skipping like Allie who was even searching for good skipping stones while in the lunch line while others like Ember learned the art of rock skipping for the first time. After lunch the energy of the group was way up and so naturally raft wars started up. Lily’s raft pulled a sneak attack and climbed aboard our raft. Our raft got revenge later on when we launched a water attack while chilling in a calm eddy. An even greater feat than these raft war victories was our rafts iconic pyramid. Alex, Jacob, and Brendan joined me, Allie, and Sofie to help make our six person pyramid dreams come true. We passed a few more rapids before ending up at our campsite for the night. Before we settled into some camp activities, many of us took a swim/float down the nearby rapids. While our guides began cooking us dinner we played a few rounds of Mafia where Bryan, Sofie, and Gio helped narrate and lead the game. Once dinner was ready we chowed down on some delicious pasta and garlic bread while saving room for the legendary brownies that were served for desert. Now the day is slowing down since we are all tired from a long day of fun on the river. Soon we will get into our tents under the sky full of a million stars and get rested up for another amazing day.

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