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8/5 Leaving Mt Rainer and Final Dinner Fun :)

Hey everyone!
Vic again (hey mom dad and sis). This morning we all got to sleep in even more than we usually do to the rain. I myself had the pleasure of awaking at 6:37 and waiting to be called to make breakfast for the whole crew. Me, Ember, Sofie, Lee and Gio all got straight to work to making some pancakes and bacon with fruit and yogurt on the side. We had a couple hiccups such as raw pancakes low amounts of chocolate chips and blueberries but we persevered. After breakfast we began to take down our camp Bryan choosing to offer cantaloupe to Jacob and go on a walk with Jacob as we began to take down camp. Also Brendan was up and he was finally able to spend a night in his beloved hammock that he loves so much. After taking camp down we set off on our adventure in a 2.5 hour car ride which really let me enjoy even more Taylor swift. it honestly felt like she was producing albums as the days went on. Allie had a mini concert with Dana. We then arrived to the Safeway safely and began to do our last personal shop for snacks on the airport. Matreiya got herself a whole bag of peppers which I watched her devour in horror I was almost as in much shock as when I watched her Suela and Bryan all put mustard on a peanut butter crunch cliff bar and say it tasted good. After Safeway we headed to camp and once there got told we were going to cowboy camp our night away and then we all got assigned groups to either deep clean the van or the bins or the dishes. I of course got stuck with dishes along with Bryan, Ali, Sofie but we all had a fun time and after all the dishes were clean Sofie had the bright idea of splashing us with nice soapy dirty dish water and then all broke loose. Everyman for themselves as I stood there on that battlefield and watch my fallen brother be dumped with a bucket of dish water .I knew my fate was locked in to place. I prepared myself for the final attack and faced it with zero fear in mind as I went in to pour the bucket on Sofie. Enemy fire rained from Ali but in the end my mission sucked but only at my own demise. After that we all took showers to prepare for our last dinner at this nice Mexican restaurant which would be a whole other battle for the boys in itself. Everyone got dressed up and after all the crew was looking spiffy we began to head over. We jammed out to Bruno mars Drake and j Cole and I could not of been happier. We get to the restaurant and we are also celebrating Sofie’s birthday. We all began to order the boys start off with two orders of nachos mostly devoured by Bryan and Lee a side of queso, guac and salsa. Which disappeared in roughly 7minutes and 27.2 seconds. We then began round 2 I began on a plate of chicken tacos, Alex with Al pastor tacos and Jacob with chicken tacos as well as Brenden. Round 2 went by fast and easy but round 3 was where a block was hit we ordered another plate of nachos. I began on fish tacos as well as Bryan, Jacob pork tacos and Brenden some enchiladas by now our first brother had fallen. Lee had tapped out after the nachos but we pressed on moving forward, the food no longer having flavor. The boys look over noticing the other side of the table which consisted of Dana, Gio, Brett, Marissa, Ali, Suela, Matreyiah, Ember, Sofie, as they enjoy their food filled with laughter and joy . But we payed it no mind this was war round 3 took a lot of guts but we finished. Now onto Jacob’s ice cream and the final set of nachos. Jacob smashed that ice cream himself but then we all teamed up on the nachos it was a gruesome battle with brothers falling left and right but in the end we were done in not being able to finish that plate of nachos. But after all that we sang happy birthday to Sofie wishing her many more and then headed back to camp wanting to spend time with each other before we left, but cowboy camping was done as it had begun to rain. But still we shared many laughs with each other before going to bed and preparing for airport day.

-Vic 🫶🏻


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