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8/4 Paradise Mt Rainer Hiking!

Howdy everyone, it’s Matreiya again. On Friday Alex, Suela, Allie, and I made a breakfast of French toast and fruits which everyone scarfed down. After we loaded into the van for about a two-ish hour drive to Mt. Rainier where we had our packed lunch and then split into two hiking groups. Me, Vic, Alex, Jacob, Sofie, and Suela were the first group and we hiked pretty fast all the way up. The hike was literally steep uphill the entire way, so we took a couple breaks to admire the scenery and take group photos. We got to a really nice lookout spot right next to a snow bank and decided to wait for the other group, while waiting we got a lot of single and group photos with the epic backgrounds. As soon as the other group arrived Bryan, Brendon, and Dana jumped right into the snow and they started sliding around, getting snow on everyone. An amazing snowball fight ensued and Lee was sniping everyone with perfectly placed snowballs while Ember was holding a high ground on a slight hill. Gio was the photographer for the fight and they got some epic action shots of everyone. Eventually we had to head down because it was a decent hike down, so we split into two new groups and the first time Marissa accidentally made the exact same groups with only Gio and Alex switching so we regrouped actually into new groups and had a nice hike down. Brett and Marissa let us have about 30 minutes in the gift shop and most of us got really cool things. Dana got an elk cap while Brendon and I got nice hoodies that, coincidentally were the same. When we got back we had a semi quick dinner and went up to a really cool lookout spot we’d been to the previous night. We were hoping to be able to stargaze for a while out there, but sadly it was too cloudy so we only had a quick meeting then headed down.

-Peace out, Matreiya

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