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8/3 First Day Hiking in Rainer!


Hello, my name is Alex T and I’m the trip leader today. Today we woke up early at 8:30 to get to our destination which was naches loop. Jacob, Gio Bryan, and Dana made donuts, granola, milk, cereal, fruit, and more. After breakfast we got in the van go to for the hike. The car ride was only about 20 minutes long and we listened to hype music. After the ride, we split up into 2 groups because of the trail rules. We began hiking and met and nice man who had spotted a deer which we all looked at. Then we had to walk uphill for an hour and it was so tiring. I wasn’t that smart with my water and drank it all way too fast, so Brett gave me some of his which I was grateful for. When we finally overcame the uphill it was downhill for another hour slowly coming up to a crossroad. The hike was originally supposed to be 4 miles but the group was having such a good time we all decided to take the longer route. As we explored the valley we came across a secluded lake with a beautiful view so Brett and Marissa decided we were going to eat lunch there. Once we got to the lake everyone had a great time swimming in the lake for a while. After we ate lunch right next to the lake embracing the view. Vic and I had the great idea to jump in the water since it was extremely hot outside. Everyone jumped in besides Sofie and I because we did not want to get wet. As they all crossed the lake Suela brought her digital camera and took some iconic pictures with everyone in the water. Finally, on our way back Ember Matreiya and Allie started singing songs on the hike back which was really funny. Lee and I joined in on the songs once they started since songs we both knew. When we got back we had a lot of free time so we decided to play capture the flag which was fun. As the day got darker cook crew made hot dogs. At the end of the day, we decided to go star gazing at the top of the mountain. The view was spectacular!

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