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8/2 Rainer and Spontaneous Safari Days

Blog driving day 8/2

Hey! It’s Sofie and I was the leader of the day today. After sleeping in until 8:00 am, we packed up our tents and then me, Dana, Bryan, Lee, and Matreiya made a delicious breakfast of cereal, granola, yogurt and leftover croissants. We then hit the road and began the beautiful drive into Rainier. A little bit into the drive, we stopped at a gas station and the people there gave us directions to a super cool drive though safari. Ember was especially excited to see all of the camels, giraffes, zebras, and other animals. After that, we stopped at Safeway and we got to get our own lunch. Instead of eating sandwiches, many people bought chicken tenders or pasta or got something from Starbucks. We sat outside eating and planned our meals for the rest of the trip. After we finished our shopping, we got back into the van for a short drive to the laundromat. Once we got there, we all called out parents and Marissa bought us ice cream. While we were waiting for our clothes to be clean, we all exchanged phone numbers and made a group chat. We finally had to give back our phones and continue our drive. During the drive, Alex, Allie, Suela, and Vic had a good time signing while Gio was teaching me and Ember about cows. Brenden sang all of Rainbow Connection in a Kermit the frog voice. We got to the campsite around 8:00 and Gio, Dana, Bryan, and Jacob started cooking ravioli for dinner right away. We ended our day by going straight to bed and are excited for what tomorrow will bring!
⁃ Sofie

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