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8/1 Rafting, Beaches and Fun!

Hello! I’m Gio, todays Leader of the Day (LOD). Our day started early today at 6:15 am. While everyone was getting ready do our morning of rafting, our cook crew, Brendan, Suela, Vic, and I made breakfast. For breakfast, we had bagels and cream cheese with lots of berries. We also set out bread and lunch meats to make our lunches for the day. Everyone quickly ate breakfast and made their lunches and we got into the van to head to Wet Planet to go rafting. We had about a 30 minute drive to rafting and once we got there we immediately got ready by getting into our wet suits, our life jackets, and our helmets.

Once we were ready, we got into a bus and drove to our drop off at the White Salmon River. At the drop off we split into rafting groups, I was in a group with Brett, Allie, Jacob, and Alex with our rafting guide Durham. Ember’s guide Alex had Suela, Bryan, and Lee on his raft. On the last raft with Brian, the rafting guide, was Sofie, Matreiya, Dana, Victor, and Brendan. We had a few class 4 rapids right off the bat where the guides called get down multiple times. Getting down was a new skill that we didn’t have to use on the Deschutes river. In the middle we got out of the rafts and walked to a 10ft cliff jump, everyone went and had a lot of fun. After that, we had a few more class 4 rapids before we got out and got out of our wet suits. Before we left for lunch we had a personal shop in the gift shop and a few people got cookies and drinks.

For lunch we drove back into Oregon to eat at a beach on the Colombia River. Once we were done eating, Allie, Suela, Ember, Sofie, Matreiya, Dana, and I played in the water for a little over an hour. After awhile Bryan, Jacob, Matreiya, and Suela started burying each other in the sand. After lunch, Marissa and Brett treated us with Dairy Queen before we went to the Bonneville Fish Hatchery. At the fish hatchery we saw an 80 year old sturgeon and as well as a bunch of rainbow trout.

We had a bit of a drive back to the campsite but once we got there we had showers and downtime. After downtime, me, Suela, Vic, and Brendan started to make dinner, for dinner we made Mac & cheese with chicken and salad. Sofie and Matreiya both helped with dinner even though they weren’t cook crew. While we were making dinner Allie and Dana played hackysack before playing ultimate football with Alex, Jacob, and Bryan. Once dinner was ready we circled up and ate while talking about how when you press on someone’s chest while they say “ha ha ha”, their real laugh comes out. After dinner, clean crew cleaned up dinner and everyone else had about 45 minutes of free time before evening meeting. During evening meeting, we discussed our heroes and highlights of the day before discussing our biggest fears. Then we went over the plan for tomorrow as well as tomorrows LOD, which is SOFIE!! After evening meeting, everyone started heading to bed.
⁃ Gio 🙂

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