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7/31 Travel Day and Hood River Town Time:)

Hey y’all! I’m Jacob, todays leader of the day and blog writer. Todays adventure started off at 8:30am. Cook crew today was Ember, Allie, Alex, and myself. For breakfast, we set out various cereals, yogurt, and croissants. At the same time, we set out deli meats like ham, roast beef, and turkey, as well as bread and cheese. The group quickly ate breakfast, packed lunch, and hopped into the van. Today we were leaving our previous campsite of 4 days, and making a 4 hour drive to our new one. Making a 4 hour drive entertaining is difficult, but I think our group did a good job of it. Bryan, Gio, and Alex among others kept the music bumping with song requests. This led to many karaoke moments, with most of, if not the entire van, singing together. The most memorable song was “Cooler than me” by Mike Posner. This song was played maybe 4 or 5 times, and was met by singing from the whole van every single time. Halfway through we stopped for lunch at a super scenic Trillium Lake. The group devoured their sandwiches and enjoyed some free time before we finished the road trip. Matreiya and Dana spent their free time skipping rocks along the water. After we finally finished the 4 hour drive, we were rewarded with town time. We had 2 hours to walk around the town of Hood River. Lee, Bryan, Vic, Brendan, Alex, and I made up one of the two groups. We spent most of our time debating on where to eat, but finally settled on a cafe. Brendan finally got his coffee that he had so desperately wanted. Alex, Vic, Bryan and I got bacon egg and chess sandwiches, and Lee got a massive cookie. The other group consisted of Suela, Gio, Dana, Allie, Matreiya, Ember, and Sophie. They spent their time checking out many different shops and stores. Suela got a Tye-Dye shirt, some stickers, and a paint-by-sticker book, and Allie and Dana bought matching shirts. Afterwards, they all headed down to Mike’s Ice Cream for a cool refreshing treat. After Ice Cream, we all loaded into the van for a final time and made a short ride to our new campsite. Dinner was teriyaki chicken and rice bowls, which were very well received. The end of the day was marked by our evening meeting, in which I chose Gio to be our next leader of the day. Along with that, todays hat was awarded to Brendan. With the day wrapped up, everybody went to bed.


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