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7/30 Lake Hikes and Campfire S’mores

Hi everyone it’s Vic (hi mom and dad). Today we started our day off at 8:00 am sharp being awoken to by some country music by our lovely leader Marissa. We had a nice morning breakfast of overnight oats designed by our cook crew Sofie, Matrieya, Lee, Dana, Bryan. All though we all tried our hardest on preparing a nutritious and healthy meal some of us ended up making mug cakes with the over usage of Nutella like Ember haha. Then we gathered into our groups to make lists of meals for the next day and this days cook crew was tasked with making a special dinner for the last day of one of our co-leader’s, Casey! A he was not supposed to of met us but due to circumstances he had to fill in for Marissa as she recovered and boy were we glad he did. Having him as a leader was a wonderful experience that we all feel so special to of had. Thus our cook crew came to the idea of CASEYDILAS (quesadillas). Then after all our meals were checked and approved we rushed over to Safeway to make sure we were on a schedule so we could shop snacks for ourselves. My Group Gio, Suela, Brenden then went on a endeaveaour just to find some avocados. After all the shopping was set and done we all began to guess the total of the shopping worth for a prize and Alex came in with a last minute guess of 618 being only 2 dollars off winning himself a kitkat. Which he didn’t want and then gave to dana as Me, Jacob, Bryan stand star struck and offended that he didn’t offer it to us. Then we go off to drop everything off and get ready to hike around sparks lake. As we’re driving we’re all jamming to some Taylor swift, One Republic, Maroon 5 especially Allie she really got into it felt like a performance on stage. As we got to spark lake to see this beautiful view of the lake with a bunch of people paddle boarding across which was nice. As we all get out of the van we meet this lovely dog named pepper she was really nice and thus we began our hike. Brenden being the trailblazer that he is began to move ahead but not on the nice clear path that we saw but onto the rocks. After a 30 minute hike we get to this nice little rock island that we crossed a river to get to and enjoy the view of the mountain and the lake… Bryan also discovering a snake, and scaring the life out of the group. We then took a bunch of pictures together. After pictures we started to head back and Ember had an encounter with a bee which she bravely fought off. Once back to the van we all go back to jamming this time Gio putting on a performance. Back at the camp the group splits up half going out to swim at the river while me and the other half stay back and just mess around and take showers. Me, Alex, Jacob and Marissa played spike ball, while Lee and Suela had conversations with Brett! We then had lovely showers and cook crew began making quesadillas! We had a great dinner, Sofie and Dana made a quesadilla with Casey’s face on it and presented it to him at dinner! We then had evening meeting and then we set up a fire pit to make yummy s’mores. We said our goodbyes to Casey and headed to sleep, excited for what tomorrows adventures may bring!

See you tomorrow, love you mom and dad


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