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7/29 Lava Caves and Town Time!

Hello, my name is Lee and I’m the trip leader today.

Today we woke up at 7:30. Cook crew: me, Dana, Bryan, and Alex, made breakfast and everyone packed pizza bagels for lunch. The original plan for today was to do community service at Deschutes Land Trust, but we had to change plans. The new plan was to explore lava caves! After a quick ride in the van, we got to our destination. We got a quick safety talk from an employee and then we entered the caves. It was a long dark tunnel made of stone. The temperature dropped all the way down to the low 40s inside of the cave. Every now and then we turned off all of our lights to see how truly dark the cave was. When we got to the end of the cave, we took a group photo. On our way out of the cave, we played contact, and Suela and Alex would try to scare us by jumping out of corners. Once we got out we had our bagel lunches. After lunch, we went to the lava cave gift shop which had merchandise and information about how the lava caves formed. Sofie bought a T-shirt, Matreiya bought an owl pin, Ember bought a cooling scarf and Suela bought a sticker, a coin token, and a bandanna. After that, we went into Bend to have town time. We were given a small amount of time to explore the shops. We all split into groups. Alex, Bryan, Brendon, Jacob, Vic, and I were a group. Gio, Ember, Suela, Matreiya, Sofie, and Dana were another group. I bought a pack of cards to throw. Bryan bought a huge cone of ice cream at a candy store. Dana bought a new hat and tried honey gelato for the first time. Brendan bought a record of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band Live 1975-1985. Jacob bought a sandwich, tuna club. Vic bought a sandwich and a magnet. Once some time had passed, we all went into the van and came back to the campsite. While cook crew made dinner, Ember, Gio, Allie and Suela all drew on each other for fun. Suela’s legs were signed, Gio drew cows for people, and smiley faces were drawn. During dinner, we all learned that Dana refuses to kill misquotes and when we cleaned our dishes, Sofie and Suela had a water fight. We then had our evening meeting with brownies as desserts. After evening meeting we went to bed! We had a great day and are excited for tomorrow:)

Bye from the Pacific Northwest

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