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7/26 River Day 3!

Hi, it’s Allie!

We had a blast today on our last day of the rafting trip! To get an early start on the river, we woke up bright and early at 6:30am. The wake up was hard for everyone, but Sofie, Ember, and I were excited to be the first to be packed up and get started on the hot chocolate and honeydew melon that our raft guides put out for us. Along with that, we all also enjoyed some awesome breakfast sandwiches and pancakes for breakfast too. After breakfast, we were all super excited to get on the river, and enjoyed more jokes, riddles, and stories.

On my boat, Lee, Ember, Gio, and I got really invested in a story our raft guide Theo told us about the “railroad war” there was along the Deschutes. He told us all about how two rail companies competed to finish the railroad before the other, and all the drama behind it. It was a great way to pass the time and learn more about the history behind the area we have explored these past few days. We filled our time on the calmer parts of the river with more raft wars, too, which has probably been the group’s favorite activity during our time on the river. During todays river wars, Bryan and Vic teamed up to pull Brett and Casey off the raft, while Suela, Matreiya, Dana, Ember, and I all targeted each other. Matreiya was also really good at capturing these fights on her GoPro, and was able to pull some people in even while doing so. After lots of raft wars and bonding, we reached the rapids of the day, which were super fun! A bunch of us got to “ride the bull,” where we sat on the front of the raft while going through the rapids, including myself, Ember, Gio, and Brendon. The rapids were really crazy, and everyone had a ton of fun.

After all the rapids and our time on the river, we hopped back on the bus to return back to the rafting shop. On our way over, a huge water fight erupted after our rafting guides splashed us with their water bottles. Within minutes everyone was dumping their water bottles on each other, drenching everyone and everything in the bus. Jacob even used his gallon sized ice tea jug makeshift water bottle, which splashed everyone in the bus. When we got back to the rafting shop, we got some time look around their gift shop and buy merch to remember our time on the river. Gio and Suela got matching sweatshirts. After shopping, we all said bye to our raft guides (who were the absolute best), and hopped in the van to drive to our campsite for the night.

After setting up our tents and organizing our gear, we had lots of free time to shower and hang out with each other. Sofie, Casey, Brett, and I played lots of stick basketball, where we tried to throw sticks into the hood of Sofie’s sweatshirt. Jacob, Vic, Alex, and Brett played lots of spikeball, while Lee, Suela, Bryan, Brendon, and Marissa cooked pasta for dinner.

While eating, there were lots of heated discussions about the weird food combos we all like, and the best Pixar movie. To end the night, we are going to chill out a bit, play some cards, and more spikeball! The trip has been such a blast so far, and we are all super excited to head to Bend tomorrow!!

Thanks for reading!

Allie 🙂

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