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7/23 Road Trip and Waterfalls!

What’s good y’all it’s me Bryan I was chosen as y’all’s captain – leader of the day for today. We woke up to a cold morning where everyone was getting ready to take down their tents and Suela gave a great tutorial. After we ate breakfast we all quickly got on the road with Jacob and Vic trying to get take charge of the music. Also during the ridiculously long drive Ember and Sofie made an origami fortune teller to give everyone some entertainment. For lunch we stopped to see the second biggest waterfall in the U.S. On our way down Alex dropped his water bottle in the river but Gio quickly grabbed it and saved the day. We stopped at Walmart to grab a few things and Brendan got to take a ride in a shopping cart 🛒. We finally got to the camp site and everyone was so excited to get in the river. Everyone was having such a good time that Ally, Matreiya and Dana went swimming down the river four times. As we were all going down the river, Lee was taking great pictures. As the day came to a close we all sat down to eat dinner and talk about the amazing day ahead of us tomorrow.
That’s all for today. you might not hear from us for the next few days as it is our three day rafting trip.


Bryan and the rest of the PNW team🐻

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