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7/22 Surfing Day 2🤙🏻


Hey there! This is Ember, and I’m here to welcome you to the Pacific Northwest trip blog. I was chosen to be the first “leader of the day” (LOD), so I will be writing the blog. Here are some of the things we all did! Today was our last surfing day, and we started by getting on our wetsuits. Lee made sure to stay on track and was the first one finished. Then, we answered some safety trivia questions that Jacob crushed. Suela was able to stand up and ride a few waves! Halfway through the lesson, both Brian and Victor started catching waves on their own. After we got out of the water, we headed to a lookout spot for lunch, where Matreiya found a very cool passage. On our way back to camp, we stopped to walk down the beach to Haystack Rock. At a park on the way, Brendon did parkour all over the equipment. Once we got there, Allie took it upon herself to take lots of selfies. She, Sophie, and Dana even made a pyramid on the sand for a cool picture! On the way back, Gio found a crab skeleton laying on the beach. We also all had a lot of fun in the van ride back to camp. Alex picked out some music for us to listen to and everyone seemed engaged in conversation. Overall, the last few days have been a blast. I have been pretty successful with surfing, and it was super fun. Everyone is super nice, and I can’t wait for rafting!

See you tomorrow!!


Ember 🐍

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