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7/21 Surfs Up Day 1!

Hello All! After an exhausting day filled with airports, car rides, and challenging time changes, we awoke on the beaches of Kelly’s Brighton Marina- our home for the first couple days of our trip. Our campsite sits on the water and we quickly prepare for the surf day. Supplies to create our breakfast and lunch already sit out on the table. Bryan is the first to create his breakfast which consists of strawberry and vanilla yogurt, raspberries, granola, and of course some strawberries. The rest of the group quickly followed with the yogurt bowls being a far more popular selection than the cereal with milk. After an efficient packing of lunches, we loaded the van and proceeded to Cannon beach to play a few games on the beach. Casey lead a game where everyone had a random person, place, or thing on their back. You could only ask 3 questions that can be answered in a yes or no answer that could help you identify the answer. Some of the notable challenging ones were Gio with a “big toe”, Brendan with “Ryan Gosling”, and Jacob was the “4th of July”. Afterwards we proceeded to the surf shop to get fitted for our wet suits, booties, and glove. The surf instructor named Julie even found a pair of gloves for Sofie- a double extra small. We then took a short van ride to Indian beach- famous for its appearances in the movies the Goonies, Twilight, and Kindergarten Cop. At surfing my group named itself the waffle surfs with our instructor Abby. Our group all shredded some sick waves. Vic took some big waves as a natural surfer. Allie and Lee both improved throughout the session- both were ridding waves consistently by the end and even making turns. Casey was in a group with Gio Suela and Alex and they all watched Casey have some big wipeouts. I also saw Matreiya killing it with Sofie, Jacob and Brendan in their group with Julie as their instructor. After surfing we went to do our first food shop as a group we were divided into our 3 cook groups who will be cooking each day until the rafting trip. At the shop people had the opportunity to do a personal shop afterwards. Brendan got a much desired coffee, Jacob got chips and salsa as well as a water bottle, and Dana decided now wasn’t Last night Suela, Vic, Bryan, and Ember were the 4 cooks who prepared delicious burgers for the group. There were also veggie burger options available for our friends with dietary restrictions. After dinner the group had some time to watch the sunset as we concluded our day with an evening meeting and oreos for dessert.
It was an amazing first day.
Signing off from the PNW
Brett, Casey, Marissa, Suela, Ember, Vic, Bryan, Alex, Brendan, Dana, Allie, Jacob, Lee, Sofie, Gio, and Matreiya

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