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7/27 Travel Day and Alpaca Fun


Hi everyone it’s Suela!

Today was pretty chill but so awesome… also it was our leader Marissa’s birthday! We started off the day waking up at 8:00 and had a good night’s sleep. Waking up at this time was almost like sleeping in which was nice! For breakfast we had cereal, yogurt, granola, fruit, and enjoyed some fun games like the questions game as we were eating. We then got all packed and and got all our dirty cloths in our laundry bags and Brenden got his morning exercise by doing some parkour for us around camp. Then we got ready and started to head to Redmond, OR to go grocery shopping at Safeway.

Everyone was working together to get the job done fast while Alex attempted to get 48 eggs which was making us all laugh. Me, Ember, Sophie, Dana and Marissa were the checkout people. We headed back to the van and started packing and organizing all the food which again everyone worked together so well to get the job done. We had a quick jam out session to some dance music in the Safeway parking lot, and then made our journey to our next stop.

We headed to a nice park for lunch and Ember, Brenden, Jacob, Sophie and Matreiya made lunch while me, Allie, Brian, Dana, Vic, Brenden, Gio and Lee were messing around and having fun on the playground. We cleaned up and headed over to the Crescent Moon Alpaca Ranch where we fed the Alpacas and got to take lots of photos!:)

After, we went to the gift shop where lots of people got to get some awesome souvenirs while we also ate some ice cream in the parking lot. We loaded up the van and headed over to do our laundry where we were able to call and text friends and family, which was filled with lots of smiles and lots of laughter. After we left, we shared all we talked about with our families and friends with everyone in the van.

Next we arrived at camp and got set up at Tumalo State Park where we will be staying for 4 days. Spikeball was played by many, while others journaled, read, or talked. We enjoyed an awesome dinner which included grilled cheese, tomato soup and salad made by Brenden, Jacob, Ember, Sophie, Matreiya and Casey. Everyone seems to really enjoy this campsite and we are all so happy to be here with each other, epically after the past 3 days where we got pretty close and bonded so much as a group!

After a lovely evening meeting we all gathered around Marissa to sing her happy birthday with a cake and candles! We all wrote her a card and finished off the evening with yummy cake. Overall, it was a fantastic day and we can’t wait for the next adventures yet to come!

All love,


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