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Welcome to the PNW

Greetings from the Pacific Northwest!

The group arrived safely at Seattle – Tacoma International Airport. First we were joined by Brad and Gio where intense games of UNO commenced. Shortly thereafter, Charlie, Drake, and Luke found their way to the group. That is when the first game of hacky sack started- we look forward to becoming professionals by the end of the trip despite our struggles to get a hack right now. The trio of Ben, Julien, and Hayden all arrived on a flight together which left us waiting on Mason to arrive. After his arrival, the group was all in Seattle.

A lunch of sandwiches and salads and at nearby park allowed the group to start to bond. Conversations about hometowns, favorite songs, and numerous other topics filled the car as we made our way to Mount Rainier.

After a couple hours in the car we arrived at the Silver Springs Campground where we unloaded our van and learned the basics of a Bold Earth campsite. Together we set up tents, learned leave no trace guidelines, signed the participation agreement, ate a delicious meal of chicken burritos and conducted our first evening meeting. The group is meshing extremely well and the stoke for tomorrows hike is pulsating throughout the camp.

Signing off until next time from Mount Rainier!

-Ben, Brad, Charlie, Drake, Gio, Hayden, Julien, Luke, Mason, Marissa, and Brett

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