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The Vibe Train

Hey y’all!! Today was our pack up day where we moved from our amazing campsite. We moved on from hiking in beautiful Mt. Rainier to white water rafting tomorrow!

Today we all got up early to pack up our tents. Cook crew made the best breakfast by far, thanks to Charlie, Julian and Brad. Thanks y’all. After that we split for our personal needs such as, bathroom and filling water. After that we learned how to pack up tents with an awesome demonstration by Marissa and Brett. Charlie and Ben helped me and Hayden pack our tent up because they were done first. Thanks bros. After that we played a game to help sweep the campsite called pretty good seats. We had our hype man Charlie keeping the vibe train chuggin.

After a fun ride over to the Safeway store we completed our first food shop and finally saw civilization for the first time in days after being in the backcountry. We then split into our groups which consisted of… Me, Julian and Mason being the first group and Ben, Charlie and Luke as second. Third being Drake, Brad and Hayden. After we shopped for the goods, we had a yummy parking lot lunch. We were so good shopping that after we ate and packed up we had the opportunity to do a personal shop.

We then set off to our next campsite. The back of the van was pumping with good stories and amazing new friendships, and we finally arrived safe and sound to the new camp. We all set up our tents, the boys in the back of the campground, and Hayden and I in the front. After a well needed shower me and cook crew made some of the best curry in history, everyone ate and then we played games and cleaned up.

We finally sat down for evening meeting overlooking the river and indulged into our absolutely gnarly evening meeting. Everyone shared their highlights and heroes of the day, and we switched up our question where we had everyone draw a picture of something that they are proud of. Drake made an great drawing of his audiobook! I then announced our next leader of the day… Hayden!!! After that we headed back to our camp and got ready for bed, I read a killer Thrasher magazine while Hayden was off in the wonderful world of her romcom book. I would say it is was a pretty gnarly day of sick, fun and shenanigans. Also sorry for the blog being a day late, I guess y’all will get two today!

much love, Gio fo sho

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