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Playing in the Mountains

Waking up at 8:30 for our longest hike on the trip we enjoyed eating some yogurt bowls with granola and fruits. Still bright and early we stubbed into the van and drove about an hour and a half to the beginning of our hike. Starting our hike we began to climb an extremely steep trail and inch by inch we made it to a beautiful spot to stop and have our lunches. We gazed at the stunning Mt rainier and Mt Whitney in the background as we enjoyed our wraps. After finishing lunch, we continued the hike and stopped where people were sliding down a snow pack. Of course we wanted to join in on the fun. Making it up to the top of the snow pack Luke slid down first to take pictures of the rest of us sliding down. One by one we all had an amazing time with Hayden Gio and Charlie going down the hill in different directions and Mason hitting a little air as well as Brad. Ben got his entire butt soaking but still enjoyed the experience. And then there was Julien who had a gigantic smile on his face. After spending some time going down the slides, we started to make are way down seeing lots of new people. Drake navigated the group down the mountain as the leader of the day. when the group got tired we were steps from the van. Once we made it back to the van we indulged in some well deserved snacks before heading back to the camp site. We concluded the day with some amazing spaghetti and meatballs and ended the night with a memorable evening meeting filled with laughter.

Until next time,

Drake and the rest of the PNW team

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