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7/8 Service, Rivers, Games Oh My!

Greetings all! I was leader of the day today, and i’m very excited to write this blog!

We started off the day with breakfast and good conversations around the circle. We then went for a drive and completed a service project with Deschutes Land Trust. We helped clear the trails with clippers and saws for about 2 hours. We then went for a trail walk with one of the volunteer guides who told us about the environment and plants surrounding us, Luke took so many great photos (he’s our professional photographer). Then we came back to camp and had great lunch. We had deli wraps with veggies and some of that secret sauce. Then we went in the river near our camp! Gio and Julian raced each other in the river but it was a tie. But don’t forget, we wore our water shoes because of safety! Then after that we took a much needed shower. They were really nice showers. Me, Charlie, Mason, and Julian all made chili for dinner, but we forgot to add the chili seasoning packet haha. We then played some football and volleyball near camp, where Drake, Hayden, and Ben showed us their skills. Then we began our evening meeting, my question was describe your perfect day. Then we announced the new Leader of the Day……. Mason!!!!! That’s all, have a spectacular day!



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