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7/8 Hiking and Swimming Day!

Hello!! Today we spent the day outside doing a hike in Bend, Oregon called Riley’s Ranch. We hiked about 3.5 miles and the hike began with a scenic outlook that looked over a large field of wild grasses. As the hike continued we came to a stretch called Robins Run where there was 700 feet elevation descent, where we then moved towards the river in the middle of the canyon loop part of the hike. As we went down the trails we played a game called “speed conversations” to learn more about everyone in the group! My conversations were with the following people chronologically, Julien, Charlie, Drake, Gio, Luke, and finally Marissa! They were all great conversation where I learned more about most everyone in the group. On the way out of the canyon we talked to two ladies that saw a rattle snake on the hike in, which we thought was really cool. We then went back to camp for a yummy lunch, and then after we took a little drive to Sparks Lake. This lake was really cool and we could see three big peaks from where we were at the lake. We went swimming all around the lake and explored all of the rocks and mini islands. Ben frolicked through the island while Hayden got her crocs stuck in the muddy bottom, haha (she got them out don’t worry). Brad skipped some awesome rocks and told many jokes along our journey back to camp. We had a great dinner and evening meeting and headed to bed excited for our next day adventures!

Much love always,

Your boy Mason

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