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7/6 Climbing Day!

Howdyyy! Today we climbed the legendary smith rock in Oregon! We all had a blast with our wake-up time at 5:00 AM. Once we pulled into the parking lot, we were greeted by the faces of smith rock, and our amazing guides Carson, Evan, and Daniel! We quickly got fitted for shoes. (Mason was a pro at climbing shoe sizes) after that we tried on helmets and harnesses and were on on our way to the rock faces that we would be climbing. The faces were ranked by spice and difficulty. Mild being the easiest to climb medium being the medium difficulty, and spicy being the hardest. Julien, Hayden and Luke started out on the medium difficulty and we all quickly realized that Julien was “Spider-Man” meanwhile Luke and Hayden made sure they could catch him if he fell. My group (Gio, Mason, Charlie) started on mild but quickly worked our way up to spicy. Ben, Brad, and Drake started out on spicy, quickly conquered it then each took long naps except for brad who kept climbing. For the second half of the day we moved on to a more advanced section with an extra spicy climb that only Julien could finish. We ended the day by thanking our amazing guides and EVERYONE fell asleep on the car ride back. We then went to do our first laundry day of the trip, and we were able to call our family and friends! We all loved getting to catch up with people and telling them about our many adventures. We had fantastic chicken quesadillas for dinner. We then finished off the day with evening meeting and then went to sleep to get a well deserved rest after a long day in the sun. It was a great day!

⁃ Charlie🤙

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