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7/5 Alpacas and Good Tunes on the Road Trip!

Hi everyone! Today we left camp in Washington to head into Oregon. Charlie, Brad, and Mason won the highly competitive “fastest to pack up your tent” contest and received a handful of Reese’s each as a prize. We then set off on a a long but fun road trip to our camp site in Oregon. Drake and Ben slept for a while and didn’t even budge during our loud Taylor Swift karaoke session, and Brad suggested some amusing Grateful Dead songs. Right as we reached the end to our road-trip we stumbled upon an alpaca farm! This was also a much needed bathroom break that the “Dookie Brothers” (Julien, Charlie, Luke) seriously needed. At the alpaca farm Hayden and Gio fell in love with one alpaca and fed it half of the already diminished ziplock full of alpaca feed. Ben and Mason got really cute souvenirs that were made of alpaca fur! After stopping at the alpaca farm’s gift shop and receiving a much needed ice cream break we all packed into the van for a second time and went to the supermarket. We successfully completed another food shop!! Once we reached camp, Marissa and Brett cooked us a yummy dinner of pasta, meatballs, and a salad. We the played football and set up our camps that we will be staying in for the next four days. Overall it was an amazing day and we are so excited for what come next.

⁃ King Julien

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