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7/4 Fourth Fun!

Happy fourth of July everyone! We had a nice and early morning today with a wake up time of 6:30 to be on the road for our first rafting excursion of the trip. For breakfast we quickly ate overnight oats that we made last night and then we got on the road. When we got to rafting we all geared up with some red, white, and blue face paint curtesy of Marissa and then we were off. In our rafts we paddled down class 1, 2, 3, and 4 rapids in the Great Salmon river. As we got out of the rafts to take a quick shortcut around a waterfall that was not safe to go down on our rafts, we all had to jumpoff a cliff about 15 feet tall to get back into the river. So so fun. Overall the rafting was absolutely amazing and we all cannot wait for our upcoming three-day river rafting trip. When we got back to camp we took a minute to have some free time and read or play football and/or frisbee (or nap in the grass in Luke’s case) and then we went to the river near our campsite and swam, skipped rocks, and fished (big thanks to Ben for bringing a fishing pole). Julien had our record for number of rock skips with a whopping 12. After swimming we went back to camp for our cookout! Myself, Brad, and Drake were cook crew and we made a classic Fourth of July meal. Hamburgers, hotdogs, some extremely questionable potatoes, etc. After dinner, with very full bellies, we played a game of Yee-Haw for who would get the honor of making the first s’more (not to brag, but I did win). Then we made said s’mores and Gio created a new invention of Kit-Katz on her s’mores with her winnings from guessing the closest total price in our food shop yesterday (and then Charlie ate it instead of her and polished off another group record of 5 total s’mores). Overall an amazing day and an even better Fourth of July. Hope everyone at home enjoyed the day just as much as we did.

⁃ Hayden (:


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