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7/16 Final Day Blues

Greetings again! We started off with packing up the tents at the marina and having breakfast. After that, we left and stopped at a scenic viewpoint. After that, we stopped at a beach and and we saw a totally tubular rock. After that, we drove to a Safeway to get lunch, we all ate a lot of fried chicken and sushi. After that, we drove to camp and cleaned bins, vans, and dishes. After that, we took showers which was much needed. After that, we drove straight to a pizza place for our final dinner. I got the la Italia pizza, Charlie got the la italia pizza, Marissa got the vegan pizza, Brett got the la italia pizza, Luke got the pasta, Julien got a salad and root beer float, Ben got the la italia pizza, Mason and drake got the blonde pizza, gio and Hayden got the fettuccine. The dinner was spectacular!! After that we came back to camp and had our last evening meeting that consisted of taps of appreciation and writing each other airport letters, with many fun games in between. After that we made s’mores, and cowboy camped under the beautiful Oregon stars! We are all so sad for this amazing trip to be over:(


Brad (Gabe) 🤍

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