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7/15 Surfing Day 2!


Hi everyone! Today was our last full day of activities and our second day and last day of surfing at Cannon beach. We started off the morning at 8:15 with our normal breakfast of the usual yogurt, granola, cereal, and additional hard boiled eggs. We also packed up wraps for lunch at the beach. Then we got on the road to head over to surfing. Since we already had a day of surfing yesterday we went right to the beach instead of getting fitted for wetsuits first and got in the water quickly after a short review on what we learned yesterday. In our surf groups we continued to develop our skills and feel more comfortable in the water. At the beginning of the day we also created goals for our second day of surfing, because we all have had different levels of experience with surfing and at the end of the day we could all 100% say that we accomplished those goals (even Masons’s of ditching the surf board and just body surfing). As our resident Hawaiian surfer dude Gio would say, we shredded the gnar. After surfing we ate our parking lot lunch (the best kind of course) and headed back to camp to shower. Post showers (where Ben did not realize he only had five minutes and then proceeded to have to hose the shampoo out of his hair) we drove about ten minutes into a small town called Rockaway Beach for some town time. We left with full stomachs of ice cream and fudge (which was insanely good) and Brad, Charlie, Luke, Drake and Gio all purchased neon orange jackets. Cause safety. Obviously. For dinner at camp, myself, Julien and Mason were on cook crew and made some amazing Ramen noodles and sides such as cabbage, eggs, ham, onions, and cauliflower (and when I say we I mean Julien cooked and Mason and I both got ramen broth and/or noodles all over ourselves and proceeded to cry laughing about it while Julien saved the meal).

All the love,


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