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7/14 Day 1 in the Waves


Hey y’all! Today we woke up early so we could get a move on it for surfing. We ate our regular breakfast of yogurt, cereal, fruit and all that good stuff, then we headed down to the outfitter to get all suited up for cold water surfing. After that we went back in the van to go down to the beach to hit the waves. When we got there we double carried the boards to carry down to the water. Next we had a lesson on safety and then talked about how to ride and catch waves! After the convo we went to dry land surfing just to get the hang of it. Next we split up into our groups which were me, Charlie and Hayden. Brad, Ben and Drake and then Luke, Julien and Mason. We split up and went to work on our surfing. It was a fun sesh of goofing off and messing up in the water. After that we ate lunch in the parking lot then went back to camp to shower. We made a yummy dinner which was dumplings. Then we headed down to the beach to watch the sunset! We saw two seals which we all thought was really cool. Then we had evening meeting and went to bed that’s all for today, bye everyone see you tomorrow!
Gio fo sho


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