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7/13 Road Trips, Waterfalls, and Sunsets :)

Hi again, it’s Hayden (: Today was a long day of traveling all the way from Maupin, where we had our 3 day rafting trip, to our new campsite in Brighton called Kelly’s Brighton Marina. In total we drove about 5 hours with a few stops. We pretty much woke up and immediately got on the road for the day. After a while driving, we stopped at a beautiful waterfall called Multnomah falls where Brett was able to stand on a bridge for a solid 5 minutes without freaking out and Luke took some gorgeous photos. We also met the cutest dog ever (I’m not exaggerating I swear) named Luna who worked with the park ranger. We got back on the road after the waterfall, we stopped at yet another park to make sandwiches and wraps. Marissa then become all of our hero’s when she did our laundry and the rest of us took a personal shop trip to Walmart. Charlie got a magnet fishing kit, Brad devoured 3 whole slim Jim’s, Mason got an unspeakable amount of lollipops and I couldn’t find more friendship bracelet string but I did find lanyard so everyone did still get bracelets. Julien also almost caused a soda explosion in the sweet tea isle but had an insane catch and avoided it completely, thank god. When we finally arrived at camp and set up our tents, Gio was informed that unfortunately her clothes had been mixed with Brads and we had to hijack the laundry bag and go through everything before Brad could steal his clothes back. For dinner Charlie, Ben, and Drake made delicious stir fry (Drake showed us all his cooking skills) and then we all sat on the rocks and watched the sunset. Though sometimes driving days sound less exciting, with our group we could probably make anything fun. Sending wishes home!
⁃ Hayden (:


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