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7/12 Final Day on the River


What up everyone, today is our last day on the river and we are all stoked for another fun day, but sad to leave the river. We will start our day with a renewed sense of life after a late night star gazing and deep thoughts sesh with the group. We all woke up and started packing up our sick one night camp sight so we could all get back in the river ASAP! Me and Hayden woke up first to use the “John” before the rest of the group was up, excluding the river guides who were making an absolutely bomb of a breakfasts. While the rest of the gang we still getting there tents broke down the called for breakfast. As we all sat down to eat our egg sandwiches which was literally fire thanks to Dawson, Lucas and Theo! After Mason ate like 3 sandwiches we all got in our rafting groups for the day. The groups were Me, Hayden, Charlie, Brad and Drake with our camp leader Marissa and Theo in the first group. That leaving Ben, Mason, Julien and Luke with Brett and Lucas. After we ate we all went to help pack up the gear boat for the last time sending off Dawson. Till we met again Dawson. Then we all got in our respective boats called the floaters with Lucas and Brett and Dawsons kindergartners with Marissa and Theo. Today is gonna be a gnarly day of rowing and flowing in the rapids. We descended the Deschutes for a crazy long and super fun day. We hit a few awesome rapids called the tea pot to which we all spun to mimic the Disneyland kiddy ride; then we hit a rapid call the devils hole which Mason decided to ride the bull or ride the front of the boat and got his butt bucked and flung into the water for a little swim. He was able to quickly get back in. After that we slammed into AC/DC and then the grey eagle.  Next stop is lunch and we rode past one of our camp stops and had burgers and hot dogs. After that killer lunch we surfed a few rapids and descended down to a crazy rapid called oak ridge which hit diff and was super fun and challenging ride. We had a few minutes of raft wars then left for more gnarly adventures. Then we went down elephant rapid; me, Charlie and Brad rode the bull for the upper half but then for the lower half Drake, Hayden and Marissa rode it and Drake fell out of the raft and into the chilly river, that definitely had a little kick. Drake smiled all through it and was happy to be back in the water swimming like a fish. After we brought Drake up we were at the end of the trip and we were all a little toasty from three days on river with day blazin sun. After we got the boats all drained we headed into the back of a bus to ride up to the river drifters co to shop and clean up after our crazy rad adventures. When we left we hit the showers back at our newly old camp and that hit just right. Charlie took a nap and we all sat around and chilled for awhile until dinner was called. We had pasta and chicken which was fire after a long day. Then we ended off with our nightly meeting. As for that our new LOD is Brad (Gabe). We finally finished our day with all of us indulging in fun games and then to settle down and chill. That’s our day Fr, have a killer gnalry day y’all and sleep tight that we’re safe and sound with to many good vibes.

Way to much love Gio fo sho

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