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7/11 Rafting Day 2!!

Hi!! Today was the start of a gnarly second day of rafting with Dawson, Lucas, and Theo. At the same time that everyone was waking up, Dawson and the other guides were making a delicious breakfast made of cantaloupe, hot drinks, orange juice, and some amazing pancakes! After everyone packed up their tents and personal bags, and our stomachs filled with breakfast, we headed out onto the river. After relaxing on the rafts, and having some raft wars, we stopped for lunch on a rocky beach where we had sandwiches and snacks. After Ben and Brett finished eating, Ben taught Brett how to skip rocks. After lunch, everyone cleaned up and started getting ready to go back onto the river. After some more rapids and raft wars, we got to our final campsite. A little while later, the guides, Marissa, and Brett allowed the group to do a swim through a rapid named Buckskin Mary, it’s very wavy and everyone enjoyed it. Later, we got to do it again, but some people sat out for the second time because they were cold. After, everyone walked to camp, shivering. After we all got changed, we had another delicious dinner thanks to Dawson, Theo, and Lucas. We had freshly grilled chicken and pork with asparagus and other vegetables. After dinner, the campers helped clean the dishes and had brownies for dessert. Following the cleaning and eating, evening meeting started. We started with some Hero’s and Highlights. No announcements made, and the LOD for tomorrow is…….GIO(Joe fo sho). Everyone had some free time, then we all went to bed, stoked for our last day of rafting.

Stay stoked, Ben and the ready of the PNW camp group

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