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7/10 Rafting Day 1!

Our day started very early in the morning in the beautiful state of Oregon. We packed our tents and bags from our campsite at Maupin city campground and headed over to the river to meet our guides from River Drifters. We met our amazing guides: Dawson who was a unit of a man, Lucas the man from Virginia with the reflective shades, and a former bold earth leader Theo. I actually met Theo on a Bold Colorado trip last summer! It was cool to reconnect. After getting a safety talk from the guides, we set off on our three day endeavor through the Deschutes river. Going on the river very exciting till we turned a corner and saw beautiful land with high cliffs, jagged rocks and wild mustangs roaming around. Enjoying the beautiful scenery and the amazing temperature we stopped for lunch where we had some nice wraps, and where I found a railroad spike and was very persistent on keeping it but I did not succeed unfortunately. Finishing lunch we continued trucking on and stopped at our campsite that Dawson had found for us. We had a nice shaded tarp and lawn chairs- the chairs were luxury compared to our crazy creeks. We proceeded to set up our tents and enjoy a charcuterie board with cheese, salami and wheat thins. Afterwards, Drake swam around in the river while Ben and Brad skipped rocks. Mason and Charlie frolicked through the river banks as Hayden Julien and myself talked about life. As the group got closer to one another and had some deep conversations we concluded our day with an amazing meal of some chicken and pork cooked by the gigantic man named Dawson. To top the day we star gazed at the absolutely stunning stars in the sky.

Farewell from,
Luke and the rest of Pacific Northwest trip

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