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7/1 Mt. Rainer and New Friends!

Hello Hello!! Our amazing day started at 7:30 waking up to the rays of sun poking through the tree tops, morning dew rolling down our tents and sounds of birds chirping. With jet lagged friends stumbling out of tents we got our packs ready for an amazing hike ahead, not before we indulged in some yogurt, cereal and granola. We also made packed lunches insisting of pizza bagels, bagel sandwiches and veggies! We started our hike and we quickly found out the immense beauty of Washington’s endless sea of trees and the breath taking Mt Rainier. We stopped at a lake and enjoyed the stunning views while we enjoyed lunch. Continuing with our magnificent hike the group socialized and became closer talking like friends and not people they met just a day ago. We hiked Naches Loop and afterwards played some fun games! On the drive back from the hike we decided to stop at a visitor center to get some souviners and ate some yummy ice cream while looking at the beautiful Mt Rainier. The drive back to the camp site was enjoyable to say the least, Hayden with the help from Gio turned Charlie, Julian and myself into taylor swift fans while Drake vibed in the car alongside us. Mason, Brad and Ben had fun laughing and sleeping on each other’s
shoulders. Once we arrived back at our campsite we separated into crews and began with our evening. Cook crew made an amazing meal of stir fry with orange chicken, lots of veggies, and brown rice. The rest of the group played more games and many rounds of mafia. After dinner we made a bonfire and had a lovely evening meeting under the Washington stars above us. All in it was an amazing first day with guaranteed more to come.

Sending love from WA!



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