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Kili 1: Day 19: Last day:(

Jumbo Parents,

Sitting here writing this, we are overwhelmed with emotions knowing tonight is our last night in our new home. We are all eager to see everyone at home, but I can safely say we will all be returning here one day. Anyways, our last full day here started strong with a 7:15 wake up except for miles (coming in at 9’2 this Tuesday ) who woke up at 5:30 to catch a beautiful sunrise. The girls were woken up by the voice of Cori explaining her very vivid “dreams” while the boys were woken to Bruno making an early morning splash in the ocean one last time. We all met up at breakfast where the girls were the closest to being on time that they have been yet. We all ate a delicious breakfast full of lots of different breads, fruits, and eggs then continued to board the van for our 11 hour drive back to Moshi for a final night. As we took our seats, Bruno quickly grabbed Ally’s phone to start queuing songs, introducing the group to his personal music taste. As the car ride passed we had many sing alongs, laughs, smiles and even comments from Sydney like “When I saw the sleeping huts (at the village) I was shook.” Their were also many random uuwuu noises that were believed to be coming from Asher’s mouth. We did have a bit of a sickness train on board as well, starting with Lili, to Bella, to Alex but everyone remained positive pushing through to the end of the ride especially with Kellan constantly making sure everyone was okay and checked in on. Lili spent her many hours in the van finding every humanly possible position to sleep in, while multitasking writing a final speech about everyone’s “uses” in the group. She was interrupted many times by Jadyn’s impatience yet she secretly loved it. Leo impressed everyone with his paper cranes made out of gum wrappers and Cori impressed everyone with her constant hilarious stories and conversation starters. We made our final stop on the drive, and Jadyn bought strawberry flavored Oreos which the group decided were an 8/10. Once finally arriving to Moshi, it was dinner time and Genes welcomed us into his home and served us a Kilimanjaro style dinner for our last meal here in Tanzania. As Genes, his wife, and Satish served us food, we all happily enjoyed a last meal hanging out with Genes’ kid, Prosperity. We concluded the meal each receiving a certificate which honored our accomplishments of summiting the tallest mountain in Africa. We said our goodbyes to Genes’ wife, Happy, and son (who cried saying goodbye to Asher) and headed back to our hotel for the night. Overall, we are the 11 luckiest teenagers in the world to have experienced life in Tanzania for the past three weeks and we could not be more grateful for the new memories and the new family we have on our backs.

with so much peace and love,

Jadyn butler🪩


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