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Kili 1: pre trip blog from Ally!

Hello everybody!

I’m writing to you from the airport in Burlington, Vermont. Im headed to Amsterdam and then Kilimanjaro! I just got off the phone with Satish who is already in Moshi prepping for your arrival. If you don’t already know, I have two coguides this summer, Satish and Genes. Satish is from Nepal and loves working with youth in the mountains. Genes is our amazing local guide who is so excited to show us around his home. Satish sent some pictures of our hotel as well as our team of guides we’ll be climbing with! I attached a few pictures here.

Bold earthlings, I will see all of you at the airport Thursday evening. I will meet you at your baggage claim or just outside of security. Satish, Genes, and I will be wearing our Bold Earth shirts. I’m posting a selfie here so y’all know what I look like.

Parents, we will call you from the airport when we have your students.

Just a reminder that July 2nd until July 10th we will be hiking Kilimanjaro and won’t be posting! No news is good news from us, and we’ll post blogs as soon as we can when we get back.

Mid trip phone calls home will be the evening of July 11th, please keep your phones on that day. Tanzania is 7 hours ahead of east coast time, so it will be morning or afternoon for parents when we call.

Can’t wait to see you all soon!


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