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Kili 1: Day 9: Rocks, rocks, and more rocks

Greetings from Mount Kilimanjaro. Fortunately, the murderous fog of last night claimed no lives so we live to climb another day. Today was a day of anticipation. We have all acquired a layer of dust around our faces to use as protection for our upcoming summit, and a layer of sunscreen on top of said dust in case the dust gets sun poisoning-thank you Ally.

The morning began with Mario and Luigi sound effects coming from Bruno and Kellan’s tent, before a lovely breakfast in which Bruno, Kellan, Alex, Asher and Leo attempted to communicate with the birds. Next, we began our trek up a long and rocky hill complete with lively encouragement from a peloton-trained Lili (thank you) and discussions on various horror films that we have seen at the cinema.

After a water break and a few games of two truths and a lie, Genes led us through rolling hills until we finally made it to our rocky destination. Upon our arrival at camp, Lili and Asher gave expert massages in preparation for an intense game of Bunny Bunny. We then enjoyed a lunch of potato soup, not to be confused with carrot soup, which should definitely not be confused with vegetable soup (all of which are delicious). Miles enjoyed his lunch watching the clouds move below us, a view we all appreciated.

After lunch, Sydney- who has helped us all out with reassurance we do not look hideous-,Bella and Jadyn enjoyed a much needed skin care cleanse inside a tent that was very hot for being more than 15,000 feet in the air. Jadyn and her happy camper self then became entrapped in the tent bathroom, but you all should be happy to know she was heroically and immediately rescued by Bella and now has a bright future ahead of her.

Finally, everyone crowded into a tent together to play a civilized game of Uno, which quickly became uncivilized once Leo began dealing out the cards with nothing but his feet. What ensued was a debate over who was the true Yahtzee winner of last night (Alex or Leo), discussions on Ben’s bug repellent, and lots of fun. We are all super excited for summit day, and tonight’s dinner.

Until next time,

Cori Stew


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