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Kili 1: Day 8: Barranco

Dear parents,

Jambo! We hope you’re all doing well!! Today was our 5th day trekking and we are quickly approaching summit day! Today we woke up way above the clouds, arising to the sound of Asher and Leo imitating Satish to wake us all up. We had a hearty breakfast, where Miles told us about his very impressive Rubiks cube skills. We then did our medical check ups and headed for Barranco wall. Barranco wall is a 825 ft wall that is very steep entailing hiking mixed with rock climbing. Although challenging, we had lots of fun helping each other up the wall. We even took breaks at some points where Cori, Jadyn, and Lili broke out into dance to gospel reggae and Ally took funny videos. Once we reached the top of the wall, we had a break enjoying some hot tea, and beautiful views. Lili, Jadyn, Bruno, and Leo took some funny pictures while the rest of the group snacked on trail mix and took a quick rest before continuing trekking. We then continued on while Kellan lead the rest of the group into making animal noises at every other group on the mountain. We took quick breaks where Bruno queued some songs and Sydney and him broke out into dance. Although Bruno’s music reminded us of home, Jadyn and Lili still preferred the gospel reggae music that Genes introduced us too. Once we got to camp Kellan found a big rock that he invited everyone to all sit and talk on while Alex, Bruno, and Leo hacky sacked while waiting for lunch. We then all enjoyed a nice lunch together with lots of soup, veggies, and pizza! Bella, Asher, Leo, Kellan, and Satish played a traditional Nepali game while Bruno, Miles, Cori, Sydney, Alex, Lili, and Ally played Yahtzee. We continued to enjoy our evening together anticipating our last day of trekking tomorrow before summit day.

Peace and Love,




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