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Kili 1: Day 6: First day above the clouds

Greetings parents!

We’ve officially reached 14,500 feet and are all doing great! Our day began with breakfast under the dining tent which was abruptly lifted up and moved away from us resembling the Disney movie Up. For your peace of mind, you can trust that we’re all being very well taken care of. Satish has been leading us at a steady pace and making us laugh everyday with his cheerful personality and creative team building games. Ally has successfully reapplied sunscreen on every one of us at least every two hours (ironically she’s now the only one who’s burnt) and has used her level headedness as a therapist to keep us all calm and happy. Genes has kept tabs on how much we’ve all ate and drank and has taught us all the Swahili we need to know to impress the locals. For example,

Tuko pamoja kama semaki na maji (We are still together like fish in water)

Our 45 porters (especially our 5 main ones: Godfrey, Godfrey, Johnson, Kelvin, and Zackaio) have made this experience unlike anything else and have never failed to keep us in good spirits with constant singing and dancing.

As lucky as we are to have such an incredible support support system, we’ve gotten even luckier by being in a group of 11 teenagers who all get along and all genuinely enjoy spending time together. When signing up to intentionally climb a 19,000 foot mountain, it’s fair to expect some eccentric personalities, but this crew is eccentric in the best way. Leo’s unusually impressive foot dexterity and the unique variety of noises Kellan can make with his mouth (that he claims to not practice…) make every day better and this trip wouldn’t be the same without them. Throughout our 6 mile trek today, Jadyn’s ability to start an interesting conversation at any point and about anything, Asher’s immense amount of positivity and appreciation for the world around him, and Cori’s random yet fascinating philosophical questions got us through the trek an hour faster than expected.

We danced our way up the mountain to our guides’ favorite American pop hits and Sydney and Alex bust a move in a dance circle during a water break. When we got back to camp we had a brief reading circle before realizing Bruno and Leo had rock scrambled their way to the top of a nearby rock mountain. Eventually the rest of us joined and Bella found a perfectly sized cove to relax in where she looked like a goddess in a painting. As Miles made his way up the rock mountain, you could spot him from a mile away with his hot pink puffer jacket. Once we made our way back down the rock scramble (carefully guided by Satish, don’t worry) we hung out in the dining tent and watched the sunset from above the clouds. As we layer up for the below freezing night ahead, we’re looking forward to every step ahead and spending more time together as a team.

Overall, I assure you we’re being well taken care of and are all having a great time so you have nothing to be worried about 🫡

Sincerely, Your leader of the day – Lili


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